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H. A. Stewart Reservoir

Latrobe Municipal Authority

Water Rate—Effective February 1, 2018

Base Rate

a. Administration/Operations Fee $6.75/month
b. Debt Service Fee $6.00/month
Minimum Monthly Charge (with no minimum allowance) $12.75


a. Residential cost per 1,000 gallons $2.00
b. Industrial/Commercial/Resale/Municipal/Other $3.00
**The $2.00 flat fee for waterline replacement has been eliminated as well as minimum usage charge

Sewage Rate—Effective February 1, 2018
$2.30 per 1,000 gallons
(With a minimum monthly charge of $11.50 per 5,000 gallons)

Debt Service Fee $6.00/month

The Latrobe Municipal Authority has recently changed billing companies and began to implement previously approved rate schedule changes for all water customers and partial changes for City of Latrobe sewage customers. The new bills will have a different format and will contain service charge codes that you may be unfamiliar with. A description of typical charge codes that could be present on your bill are as follows:

Water - gallonage charge based on usage

FH58 - Fire Hydrant 5/8” ($0.75/quarter)

SRES - Sewer Residential (based on usage)

SRDS - Sewer Residential Debt Service (City of Latrobe customers only)

WRAD - Water Residential Administration/Operations Fee

WRDS - Water Residential Debt Service

LRES - Residential Lateral Sewer Fee (City of Latrobe customers only)


Other Fees and Services

Tap-In Fees: Water (as of 2/17/17)

¾” - $1,850 (+$300 if Pit required; $2,150 total if Pit required)
1” – $2,100 (plus $300 if Pit required; $2,400 total if Pit required)
2” - $3,120 (plus $400 if Pit required; $3,520 total if Pit required)
4” - $6,260
6” - $9,227
Note: Pits are required if home is ≥ 100’ from road

Fire Hydrant Installation - $4,400
Request for Fire Flow/Hydrant Flow Test - $100
Lateral Sewer Inspection - $200 See rules

Lien Letters – Call office for details (724)537-3378